New Afghan Minister of Counter Narcotics appointed

Salamat Azimi, Afghan Minister of Counter Narcotics

Professor Salamat Azimi has been appointed as Minister of Counter Narcotics by the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

This could be good news for Afghanistan’s one million plus heroin addicts.

Local sources say she is a very knowledgeable ‘harm-reductionist’ who wants to focus on the demand-side and treatment instead of just plowing up people’s fields.

Interestingly the Mongolian Harzara people are the most heroin-addicted in Afghanistan and being Shi-ites fall under the ruling (fatwa) of the Grand Ayatollah Rouhani of Qum last year that ibogaine and other psychedelics can be “halal”, i.e. legal to use for the treatment of addiction.

One of the reasons for this enlightened attitude could be due to psychedelics resemblance to psycho active harmaline which is found in the sacred plant esfand (peganum harmala), which the Prophet himself took for 50 days at one point (according to one variant of the Faith).


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