Governor Of Vermont Considers Ibogaine Treatment Pilot Program

On March 10th, Rep. Paul Dame (R-Chittenden-8-2) and Rep. Joseph “Chip” Troiano (D-Caledonia-2) introduced H. 387 in the Vermon State legislature; an bill (PDF) relating to the dispensing of ibogaine for substance abuse treatment.


As presently drafted, the bill would direct the Commissioner of Public Safety, in consultation with the Commissioner of Health, to develop and implement a three year pilot program to dispense ibogaine for the treatment of individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol. To be eligible to participate, a person must be diagnosed with a severe and persistent substance abuse disorder by a health care provider in the course of a bona fide health care provider-patient relationship. The health care provider must also verify that reasonable medical efforts have been made over a reasonable amount of time without success to reduce or terminate the patient’s reliance on drugs or alcohol. The Department of Health would contract with a nonprofit organization to operate an ibogaine dispensary.

Rep. Dame called ibogaine treatment “an interesting idea that has shown results in other countries.” He said it has the potential to save the state millions of dollars in reduced treatment costs and cut down wait lists for treatment programs.

“We talk a lot about protecting people’s freedoms, and here is a way we might be able to help Vermonters free themselves from a serious addiction,” he said.

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Now we will have to see if Peter Shumlin the Governor of Vermont agrees, we think he might.


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