Ibogaine For Afghanistan aims to:

  • Convince the Afghanistan government to grant a license for an experimental addiction treatment centre using Ibogaine.
  • Fund, establish, staff and operate a treatment centre in Kabul, hopefully the first of a network throughout the country.
  • Train local therapists.


Afghanistan’s severe drug problem makes it the ideal location for the program. The potency of the heroin produced in the region has rendered methadone treatments ineffective, disillusioning government officials. As the heroin crisis increases, a cheaper and more effective treatment method is desperately needed. We believe this treatment method can include the use of Ibogaine.



Ibogaine For Afghanistan Executive Director, Murtaza Majeed

Murtaza Majeed has worked with National AIDS Control Program in Afghanistan and he was a national training and resource center coordinator for Afghanistan National AIDS Control Program. The first methadone clinic funded by the Global Fund and Afghanistan government was one of his achievements. Training and development of methadone treatment to other health staffs in Afghanistan was part of his responsibilities through the National Training and Resource Centre.

In 2010 he started to advocate for Ibogaine in order to have a licensed and prescribed Ibogaine in Afghanistan and to open a clinic for drug treatment. He is currently involved and working to create this clinic in Afghanistan with other professionals in his support. Murtaza has a long experience working with community development, human rights, drug users rights, HIV/AIDS, needle exchange program and organizational development.