Leading psychiatrist pleads for psychedelics to be reclassified to allow scientific research

The prestigious British Medical Journal has just published a strongly worded argument in the name of medical science for an end to the virtual ban on research into psychedelic drugs which has been in force since 1967 when they were made illegal. Promising medical research into psychedelics was shut down and although some medical research has occurred since, often showing great potential, human trials and the development of medical applications has been impossible. […]

“Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong”

‘Chasing The Scream’ by Johann Hari (Bloomsbury Circus, 2015) should be required reading for anyone interested in the treatment and prevention of drug addiction. It takes a new look at the causes of what is now a global pandemic, and the failing ‘Drug War’ which spreads the infection.

Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari book cover

Afghanistan’s Billion Dollar Drug War

As the Ibogaine for Afghanistan project continues to develop Al Jazeera reports on the heroin crisis in Afghanistan: It is the frontline of the war on drugs – and it is a battle authorities are losing.

Afghanistan opium cultivation graph

New Afghan Minister of Counter Narcotics appointed

Professor Salamat Azimi has been appointed as Minister of Counter Narcotics by the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This could be good news for Afghanistan’s one million plus heroin addicts.

Salamat Azimi, Afghan Minister of Counter Narcotics

Grand Ayatollah in Iran rules ‘psychedelic’ drugs can be “Halāl” for Shi’i Muslims

Unreported almost anywhere, in March 2014 the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sadeq Hussaini Rohani in Qom, Iran issued an extraordinary formal legal ruling (a “fatwa”) regarding the use of entheogens and psychoactive substances otherwise known as “psychedelics”. He ruled that it is permissible (“ḥalāl”) for Shi’i Muslims to use such substances, provided it be under the direction and supervision of qualified experts. He also ruled that such plant substances as a rule do […]

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sadeq Hussaini Rohani